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TNT Strong to the Core Review

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  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Servings need improvement

Review Overview – What does TNT Strong to the Core do?

Manufactured by TNT Supplements, this is an all natural fat burner claimed to promote:

  • Burn Fat
  • Boost Energy
  • Increase Focus

But how well does it work?


In this review, we look closer at Strong to the Core and see how effective it really is.

This is what you need to know.

How are the servings?

Need improving.

With only 2 a day, Strong to the Core isn’t giving your body that constant supply of nutrients it needs to stay in full fat burning mode.

For the best results you need to make sure you have that regular top up throughout the day.

Ideally 3 – 4 servings – pretty much double what this fat burner is offering.

What about the ingredients in TNT’s Strong to the Core?

Not great.

With only a handful of effective fat loss nutrients, some improvements need to be made.

Not only that, there’s also a risk of side effects.

Here’s what you need to know.strong-to-the-core-side-effects

Green Tea

One of the better fat burners on the market.

The catechins in Green Tea has been seen to promote thermogenesis. After being absorbed, the the catechins encourage higher production of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine.

This helps boost overall fat loss and calorie consumption, with no extra effort.


Not a great fat burner – however ginger may help with absorption and overall digestion of Strong to the Core.

Tetradecylthioacetic Acid

On paper TTA is thought to burn fat by metabolizing fat cells.

However there are a lack of positive human trials. It may not necessarily give you the results you’re looking for.


Arguably the best natural stimulant on the market.

Caffeine has been seen to boost energy and metabolism levels.

Which may help with both your training and your waistline.

Camellia Assamica

Standard tea leaves.

May contain a few antioxidants for overall health and provide a mild caffeine boost.

Citrus Aurantium

One of the poorest choices in a fat burner.

Citrus Aurantium, also known as Bitter Orange extract, this nitrite was thought to promote fat loss – however studies have shown it isn’t that effective.

Not only that, when combined with caffeine this ingredients has been seen to cause numerous side effects – more on that later.


An anti-stress amino acid.

L-Tyrosine has been seen to help reduce stress and raise feel good hormones like dopamine.

This may help create a more positive and motivated mindset.

Coleus Forskohlin

Another poorer choice.

Coleus is thought to help boost fat loss and testosterone levels – however studies have shown that the effects are mixed and unreliable.

It may not have the impact that it’s claiming.

Stearoyl Vanniylamide

Found in red pepper, and essential one of things that gives chills it’s heard

SV may help heat up your core temperate initiating a cool down process.

This helps burn extra calories without extra effort.


Nothing special here, its black pepper.

It may help with absorption but not much else.tnt-strong-to-the-core-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, this isn’t the best nutrient profile we’ve seen.

Although there are some good ingredients, the only ones that will really make the difference are the green tea, caffeine and SV.

The rest aren’t so effective, and may even cause side effects. It’s not your best option.

Side Effects

Your concern here is Synephrine.

When combined with caffeine, this nutrient has been seen to cause;

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Dizziness

It’s really not worth the risk.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


We’ve scoured the market for the best fat burners that promote:

  1. Thermogenic Calorie Burning
  2. Energy Levels
  3. Fat Loss
  4. Appetite Suppression

And we’ve narrowed it down to just three.

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TNT Strong to the Core Review Conclusion

On the whole, this isn’t the best fat burner we’ve seen, and there are several reasons why.

From this review, here’s what you need to know about Strong to the Core;

Servings need improving – With only 2 servings a day, your body isn’t being provided with enough for optimum fat loss.

Ineffective ingredients – Many of the nutrients used lack clinical backing.

Potential side effects – Synephrine has been seen to cause a range of side effects.

All in all it’s not your best option.

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