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Team Six Cross Cut Review

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea
  • Poor Servings
  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Proprietary Blends/Branded Ingredients

Review Overview – What does Team Six Cross Cut do?

Made by Team Six Supplements, this is an all-natural fat burner that has been claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Thermogenesis


But how well does it really work?

In this review, we look closer at Cross Cut to see how effective it really is – this is what you need to know:

How are the servings?


With 1 – 2 servings per day, this isn’t your best option for fast and effective fat burning.

The problem is that the effects can wear off relatively quickly – and then you stop being in that fat burning mode.

You want to stay in it for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is with more servings throughout the day.

Ideally what you want is 3 – 4 a day. This will give you the constant supply you need – but you don’t find this in many fat burners.

What about the ingredients in Team Six Cross Cuts?

Not that great.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some good thermogenics in Cross Cuts – but there’s also quite a few that lack clinical backing.

Also there’s branded ingredients in here too – usually that’s not a bad thing, but these are made up of other ingredients.

That means they’re essentially proprietary blends. You don’t know how much you’re getting of each individual ingredient or how effective it will be overall.

This is what you need to know:cross-cut-side-effects


Structurally similar to caffeine – but nowhere near as effective.

It is thought that Theacrine may contribute towards energy production – however studies have not proven this to work reliably.

It doesn’t compare to the real thing.


A herb that’s not linked to fat loss but may promote blood flow.

By being linked to your body’s production of nitric oxide, ginseng may promote vasodilation and help with the nutrient flow of Cross Cut.


A great thermogenic.

The element that gives chillies their heat, Capsaicin raises your overall core temperature.

This forces your body to start a heat regulating process to cool you down – this uses up additional calories and requires no extra effort on your behalf.

It’s an instant win.


A traditional herb used as an anti-inflammatory.

This may help sore joints, but it will not support fat loss.


An amino acid that has been linked to motivation.

L-Tyrosine is an anti-stressor and promotes hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

It may help you feel more motivated and focused while training.


Potentially an appetite suppressant due to this nutrients structural similarities to Yohimbine.

However there is little evidence for its effectiveness, more research is needed.

Coleus Forskholii

Thought to boost testosterone in men and increase fat burning.

Although this sounds great for marketing – in practise it’s not that great.

Studies have shown this nutrient to be relatively unreliable. The effects are mixed, which may even suggest a placebo effect.

More studies are needed on this nutrient.

Gymnema Sylvestre

A herb that may help with boosting your immune system.

This may help your overall health, but will not contribute to fat burning.

Camellia Sinesis (Green Tea)

The best fat burning nutrient in this product.

Green Tea is a potent thermogenic that uses catechins to help you burn fat.

These catechins promote your body’s supply of norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone, which will help you burn more calories overall.

Plus it has a small amount of caffeine, which should give you a mild energy boost.

Fleece flower

Also known as Japanese Knotweed, used mainly for its Resveratrol.

It may help with blood flow – but not much else.


A traditional medicinal herb – but it’s not that effective.

Used to manage high blood pressure and hypertension, there are mixed results with Loranthus – it’s not your best option.


Nothing special here.

Bioperine is essentially black pepper. It promotes absorption – but not fat loss.cross-cut-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, Cross Cut does not have the best nutrient profile we’ve seen by a long shot.

There’s only two nutrients in here that’s actually been proven to promote fat loss – the Green Tea and Capsaicin.

On top of that, many of the branded ingredients in here are just proprietary blends of other ingredients – you don’t know how much of each nutrient you’re getting, or how effective it will be overall.

It’s definitely not your best option.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported with Cross Cut.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


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Team Six Cross Cut Review Conclusion

On the whole, this isn’t the best fat burner on the market, and there are several reasons why.

From this review, this is what you need to know about Cross Cut:

  • Poor Servings – Not enough a day to get you in that day-long fat burning mode.
  • Only a few good ingredients – A lot of the nutrients used don’t directly burn fat or lack clinical evidence.
  • Branded Ingredients are really Proprietary Blends – Many of the branded ingredients are multiple nutrients without dosage values. You don’t know how much of each you’re getting.

On the whole, it isn’t your best option.

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