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Shred JYM Review

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  • Does not help towards appetite suppression
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Review Overview – What does Shred JYM Do?

$_58Shred JYM is a fat burner formulated and owned by Bodybuilder Jim Stoppanni. If you’ve come across his brand before you know that Jim favors all natural ingredients and is against proprietary blends.

This means that any product his company sells will tell us how much of each ingredient we get per serving.

This transparency is what we’re all about at, and admire Jim’s entry to the supplement industry.

But more about the product.

Using only 6 ingredients Shred JYM aims to:

  • Lower Body Fat
  • Boost Energy Levels

With these kinds of features you know what to expect. That’s right, there’s going to be a lot of stimulants in this one.

How does Shred JYM work?

We have some mixed feelings about how the ingredients of Shred JYM but none the less we thought overall it was better than most of the products out there.

shredjymsuppfactsTo start there’s 1.5g of Acetyl-L-Carnitine per daily serving.

This is actually really good. L-Carnitine is mainly responsible for energy metabolism, but it has also been linked to improved physical performance and power out.

The standard dose for L-Carnitine is anywhere between 500-2500mg, so Shred JYM is right on the money with this one.

Then we have 500mg of L-Tyrosine.

Another great amino acid for this nutrient profile. However, this is another ingredient that doesn’t help with weight loss.

With L-Tyrosine, noradrenaline and dopamine is released in the body. This promotes cognition in the brain, which will help with focus during workouts and has also been reported to promote the feeling of well-being (which will be the dopamine).

Doesn’t help towards fat loss, but definitely makes the stress of the journey to those shredded abs more tolerable.

It’s Jim Stoppanni, so of course there’s going to be Green Tea – 500mg of it.

Green Tea is one of the best fat burning ingredients you can have in fat burner, if you’re looking to stay natural anyway. As well as a caffeinated kick, the catechins in the green tea help with the release of norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone.

This fat burning hormone promotes thermogenesis in the body and helps burn more calories without making any extra effort.

Although, the extra 200mg of caffeine has worried us a bit…

Caffeine is great in fat burners. It ups energy levels in workouts and keeps up and awake during the more fatiguing moments that occur when on a low calorie diet. However, we have to say in combination with the L-Tyrosine and the L-Carnitine this may be a little much.

We’ve all been there at least one in our lives when we overdo it on the stimulants. You’re jittery and light-headed and your heart is racing like a Ferrari on fire. If you’re not already on a high stimulant intake, we suggest you take it slow with this one.

The Capsimax was a good move though.

Capsimax is just a branded version of cayenne pepper extract, which if you’ve read our guide to fat burning ingredients, will know that cayenne pepper is an awesome thermogenic.

The cayenne works by the capsicum in the pepper. This is the property that gives the pepper its heat. Once absorbed the body attempts to regulate temperature and cool back down to its natural level. To do so requires more energy, this helps burn more calories and gets us closer to getting shredded.

But the Schizandra Fruit surprised us – only 125mg…

The schizandra fruit is a nice a touch. Known to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and has been seen in several cases to reduce anxiety.

Sounds great, but what’s it doing in a fat burner?

Well, the stress reducing and anti-anxiety qualities are an attempt to manage the problems that might be caused with the excess amount of cognitive and stimulating nutrients.

However, there is nowhere near enough in this product to guarantee those kinds of results. The only time Schizandra Fruit has shown any impact in powdered form was when it was delivered in daily doses of 1-3g spread out over the course of a day.

Jim’s input doesn’t even come close. This may be a problem for some.

However in the US this ingredient is swapped out 20mg of Synephrine

Synephrine works in a similar way to caffeine and is known for its stimulating effects. It can cause side effects in heavy doses, but given that it is only 20mg, this should be fine per serving.

We also noticed that there was no effort made towards including any ingredients to help suppress appetite. This was hugely disappointing.

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Where to buy Shred JYM?

Shred JYM is currently (and possibly forever) only available on Each product comes with 240 capsules at a serving rate of 4 capsules a day. That’s a two month supply, people.

However, it does recommend that you take each serving at one time. Not one capsule at a time throughout the day. This can lead to massive problems, given the stimulant dosage, such as energy crashes if taken to early and insomnia if taken too late.

You must have a good knowledge of your caffeine tolerance before you go toe-to-toe with Shred JYM.

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Side Effects?

In the long term? Come on it’s Jim. There’s nothing to be scared of – all these ingredients are totally natural and tested.

In the short term however beware… the amount of stimulants Jim has put in this bad boy will put a regular coffee drinker on their head. There could be:

  • Light-Headedness
  • Jitters
  • Drowsiness/Energy Crashes
  • Insomnia

If you’re not prepared… and most aren’t.Shred-Jym-Reviews-750x400

Shred JYM Conclusion

Overall, we think Shred JYM is a pretty good fat burner. But it’s not the best we’ve seen.

One of the main problems with it is that if you have a low tolerance to caffeine, you’re risking a couple of side effects with Shred JYM.

Although it does have some pretty effective ingredients in there, SJ may have slightly overdone it with the stimulant and cognitive side of things.

We were disappointed to find that there were no nutrients included to help with appetite suppression. That said it is a lot better than other products out there.

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