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SHR3D-X Review

A product by EVO-X Health Products

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  • Contains a good source of Vitamin B
  • Contains Green Tea and Green Coffee
  • Not great serving schedule
  • Some ingredients ineffective
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Fake Amazon Reviews


Review Overview – What does SHR3D-X do?

This fat burner from EVO-X Health Products, claims to be the best fat burning supplement on the market, and it has been making its rounds on

With an insane amount of good reviews, more and more customers are starting to feel suspicious of SHR3D-X rather than satisfied to purchase it. Fake reviews on Amazon are commonplace and it’s always a good move to come to an independent source when you’re looking for serious answers.

shredxFirst what are looking at?

Well, SHR3D-X claims to:

  • Manage Appetite
  • Raise Energy Levels
  • Boost Metabolism

I’ve reviewed this product fully and not sure it does just that – in fact I’m rather surprised.

Read on to see what I really think of SHR3D-X and find out if it really is the right fat burner for you.

How does SHR3D-X work?

SHR3D-X recommends 2 servings a day of 1-2 capsules, each 30 minutes before both breakfast and lunch.

This isn’t the best method for effective fat loss – there are not enough doses throughout the day.

The best fat burners that work use around 3 – 4 servings a day. This allows your body to constantly be supplied with the ingredients they need to have round the clock thermogenesis (fat burning) and raised energy levels without crashes.

The ingredients weren’t great either, for one reason in particular that I’ll cover at the end of this list:

The Vitamin Bs go a long way…

In particular the Vitmain B6 and B12 in this case.

The B6 is what we care about most here from a fat burning perspective as it can help promote norepinephrine in the body, which is our fat burning hormone and give us a mild thermogenic boost.

The B12 on the other hand is a good energy provider, having something like this onside is essential if you’re on a cut and taking in a lot less calories.

Green Tea extract is a good move.

I’ve never had a bad word to say about green tea. It’s a caffeinated herb, so it promotes high energy levels and metabolism – but also it contains catechins. Green Tea catechins are great for fat loss, mainly by their ability to promote norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone. The more you have of this stuff the better.

As well as the Green Coffee/Chlorogenic Acid.

Although not caffeinated, this type of coffee helps us lose fat in other ways. The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee helps cut down on the glucose in the liver – this encourages your body to look elsewhere for energy, namely, fat cells. It’s a good thermogenic.

Taurine is always nice secondary choice.

An organic acid that can be found in most energy drinks. It’s great at raising energy levels which comes in useful if you’re on a low calorie diet and struggling to train with intensity with less energy coming in.

However we weren’t impressed with the Garcinia Cambogia OR the Raspberry Ketones

Both of these nutrients are touted as effective fat burners, however neither have been proven to do so.

Raspberry Ketones was thought to be an effective fat burner – after being sold as such on Dr Oz’s TV show. However studies have shown for it only to be effective in large amount with lab rats. The benefits do not scale up to humans, and if they did… we would need a lot.

Garcinia Cambogia is another one, but this was thought to help with appetite suppression. No studies have proven this, and all this nutrient seems to be good for is seasoning food.

Full List:


But the main problem is…

Everything except the Vitamin Bs are all part of a proprietary blend. This means we don’t know how much of each nutrient is being used or how effective it will all be. It’s a real shame and questions the entire reliability of the supplement. The Jury’s out on this product.

What you should be looking for…

You should be looking for a fat burner that is honest about what it contains and how much of each one is being used.

I’ve compiled a list of the top fat burning nutrients on the market at the moment. They’re all clinically proven, and you should definitely take a look:

-Click Here for our list of the Best Fat Burning Ingredients-

Where to buy SHR3D-X

You can find this product on for around $30. But I wouldn’t hold out for it making that much of a difference to your cut.


Side Effects

None have been reported, but quite honestly this product isn’t that effective in the first place.

You’re better off looking at our top rated fat burners in the link below:

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SHR3D-X Review Conclusion

Overall this seems to be a product with good intentions, but has taken a wrong turn.

We were big fans of the inclusion of various Vitamin Bs in this supplement. It can really help towards fat burning and energy, but it’s not enough to do the job on it’s own.

Then we got to the main ingredients, which were very mixed in terms of effectiveness.

The Green Tea and the Green Coffee Bean were great choices, however things like the Raspberry Ketones and the Garcinia Cambogia really weren’t. The main problem with this supplement was that all the main ingredients were hidden under a proprietary blend. There’s no way to know how much of ingredient has been put into SHR3D-X and whether it will be effective or not.

You’re best bet if you’re looking for a fast and effective fat burner, is to look at my Top 3. I outline the safest and the most effective ones for a good cut over there.

What I'm using at the moment - Instant Knockout

I tried Instant Knockout for 3 months and went from skinny-fat to absolutely SHREDDED.

You can see my results and why this is our #1 Fat Burner here.

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