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Ripped Freak Review

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  • Veggie Caps
  • Effective Ingredients
  • Boosts Energy and Thermogenesis
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Some ineffective Ingredients
  • Poor serving schedule

Review Overview – What does Ripped Freak do?

Ripped Freak is a different kind of Fat Burner that comes from the labs of Pharma Freak.

Unlike most of the fat burners we review Ripped Freak gives off a real ‘love it or hate’ vibe. What do we mean by this? Some of the ingredients in Ripped Freak are great, a few are ineffective – but they’re all under the veil of a proprietary blend.

This stops us knowing how much of each ingredient is in the product, this means we can’t deduce how effective each ingredient is. However, we’ve heard good things, and Pharma Freak has a high reputation, so we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

In a nutshell, Ripped Freak claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Fat Burning
  • Increased Energy and Power Output

There’s a benefit about it releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine, but these are part of the fat burning process – so we haven’t included it here.

It sounds like a lot of other fat burners, but what’s important here are the ingredients. We’ll get to that now.

How does Ripped Freak work?

In terms of servings Ripped Freak has 1-2 a day (depending on your tolerance to the stimulants). Although the ingredient panel looks good, we have to say this is a bad way to schedule a dose for a fat burner.

The best fat burners we’ve seen have around 3-4 doses per day. This keeps the thermogenesis at a constant, and keeps away any energy crashes throughout your day.

Regardless let’s look at the ingredient profile. This is per capsule:

We’re going to start with the initial 400mg ‘Ripped Freak Complex’ (the first proprietary blend)

Off to a great start with the caffeine.

Caffeine is a top choice for boosting energy and metabolism. Suppressing the adenosine in the brain which promotes fatigue, caffeine allows you workout for longer. It has also been seen to raise power output in higher doses.

Then the Green Tea was also a good move.

We love coming across green tea. Possibly the best natural fat burner on the market. Not only is this herb caffeinated, but the catechins in the green tea promote norepinephrine – this is the body’s fat burning hormone.

But the Olive Leaf Extract was a tough one.

Now Ripped Freak claim this nutrient promotes norepinephrine and epinephrine, however, they base all their facts on one study alone. Although, even if this is bogus, Olive Leaf Extract has been seen to help reduce blood pressure, which would be helpful when dealing with these stimulants.

However, the Green Coffee Bean was definitely in the right place.

Green Coffee bean is a great addition to any fat burner. Known for it’s ability to break down glucose in the liver due to the chlorogenic acid in the bean. After the break down of glucose, the body looks to other resources to get it’s energy, the next in line are fat cells, and so the thermogenesis continues.

At least they managed to mark down the value of something! 200mg of Sweet Red Pepper.

Again, Ripped Freak makes some claims about this product promoting energy. However, we are yet to be convinced. On the other hand, we do know that the capsicum in the red pepper will promote body heat, and inspire thermogenesis as the body tries to cool itself down – burning more calories.

Now we get onto the second blend… The ‘Raspberry Ketone Complex’ (167mg) and it doesn’t look good.

As the first ingredient in this blend is actually Raspberry Ketone, we can assume this is the main ingredient.

Raspberry Ketone is a fad ingredient. It was once marketed with the thought that it could work based off one rat study, however, this doesn’t scale up so well to humans unless you’re taking large amounts. Raspberry Ketone provides no benefits in any way whatsoever. It’s a write off as an ingredient.

Then in a similar vain there was the Gallic Acid.

Much like the Raspberry Ketones, this is a compound that is thought to promote weight loss, but is yet to do so in humans. The only evidence of Gallic Acid being effective is with studies on rats, who are far more sensitive to these nutrients than we are due to their much smaller size.

Both of these ingredients, need to be taken in large amounts to see any change whatsoever, and even then the chances of them working are slim, nonetheless the first blend carries a lot of solid ingredients.

Now you see what we mean with the ‘love it, hate it’ feelings. If you want to see what should be in your fat burner. Head over to our ingredients section, we list all the greats, along with the studies to prove them.

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Where to buy Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak is a pretty main stream product. You can find in numerous stores both online and offline. We found ours on You can get 60 capsules over there for $41.68. That’s over a month’s worth of servings if you start with 1 cap and work your way up to 2.

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Side Effects

As far as we are aware, no side effects have been reported.

Ripped Freak Review Conclusion

All in all Ripped Freak has some pretty good ingredients. The Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Red Pepper and Caffeine will definitely put you on you’re way to losing the pounds. Plus the inclusion of Olive Leaf extract is good for lowering blood pressure and taking the edge off.

The only problems are the servings schedules, they should have lesser doses and be broken up in to more throughout the day. The proprietary blends also make it harder to judge this product’s effectiveness and the Raspberry Ketone blend was utterly useless, however that blend only makes up a small part of this product.

It’s not the best we’ve seen, but it’s not the worst either. Keep your eyes peeled for what we review next.

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