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QuadraLean Review

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Review Overview – What does QuadraLean do?

QuadraLean is a little different from most of the other fat burners on the market. As it claims to offer you the benefit of getting shredded, without having to go down the stimulant route.

qraleWe don’t know if this is a good idea or not. Particularly if you’re already training on a calorie deficit, as QuadraLean will give you no additional energy to push through the fatigue that comes with going on an epic cut.

To wrap up the benefits really quickly, QuadraLean:

  • Helps burn fat

Although it’s an interesting characteristic, we really feel stimulants is one of the staple-holds to fat burner as it also helps raise metabolism as well as energy levels.

We also see no attempt to help with appetite suppression, except maybe the Garcina Cambogia, but we’ll explain that in a minute. And is the product is one of the higher rated on at the moment, we feel there’s a bit of favoritism going. Because doesn’t look from where we’re sitting.

Nonetheless as always we will conduct a full investigation.

How does QuadraLean work?

The directions to QuadraLean are straightforward. 2 servings of 3 capsules, with both on an empty stomach. We already have reservations about this, 2 servings a day is not idea to keep the fat burning process in full effect.

Most successful fat burners suggest around 4 servings/doses of their product per day. This maintains energy thermogenesis taking place, and staves off any energy crashes that may occur throughout the day. Although energy crashes don’t apply to QuadraLean, the thermogenesis definitely does.

But let’s get down to it. How do the ingredients in QuadraLean meet our fat burning needs?

quadraleanWell first there’s 500mg of Clarinol (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), but from what we’ve experienced it’s not that great.

This is a common ‘stimulant replacement’ that brands sometimes use. CLA are a group of fatty acids thought to act on systems in the body (the PPAR) to induce fat loss. However, CLA has always been found in studies to be too weak to act on the receptors to help our situation. Essentially it’s a bad choice as a main ingredient.

Another crushing disappointment with 500mg of Garcina Cambogia.

Again this is another ingredient that was thought to help benefit fat burners by inducing appetite suppression.

However, time and time again it has failed. Here’s a study with 86 subjects conducted over 10 weeks that used 2g of GC every day (4x more than QuadraLean) and no fat burning benefits were seen. And another study that used 135 subjects for 12 weeks and they used 3g a day. Again no benefits were seen!

And we had lost all hope at the 250mg of Rapsberry Ketones.

Ah yes, Rapsberry Ketones, the ultimate ‘fad’ nutrient. This was all over the media a few years ago touted as the number 1 weight loss aid. However no study whatsoever has ever proved it to be effective on humans.

The only time Raspberry Ketones were effective was with tests on rats. The rats are a lot more sensitive to nutrients and in proportion to their bodies they were given a significant amount more of raspberry ketones than any fat burner could. You need anything from 80-350mg/kg bodyweight to be anywhere near proportionate to the rat’s dosage. And even at these doses no changes have been noticed.

But then there was some carnitine! However, it was a blend split up of only 500mg…

Before we get into each individual carnitines (which are great) you need somewhere in the area of 500 – 2500 mg of any single one to be effective. All hope of this fat burner working has been lost, however, for future reference here’s what each carnitine does.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine –  Is used for cognitive enhancement, energy and focus.
Propionyl-L-Carnitine – Helps with blood flow
Carnitine Tartrate – Physical performance and power output

Just to confirm, there is not enough of any of these carnitines to help you burn fat. (Courtesy for those skimming this article)

Okay. Well that was awful. Let’s look at some real fat burning ingredients. Follow the link below and see the top proven fat burners that should be in your supplement to be effective.

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Where to buy QuadraLean?

If you REALLY want to buy this product, don’t let us stop you. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

You can buy QuadraLean off quite a few online retailers. The main being and

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Side Effects?

There have been no reported side effects with QuadraLean. But then again it is largely ineffective.

QuadraLean Review Conclusion

This product, is quite possibly, the worst fat burner we’ve ever seen.

The main ingredients are ineffective, or should I say outdated. They were believed to work at one point, but then after they gained attention they were researched and proved to offer no benefits whatsoever.

The only redeeming qualities, the L-Carnitines were put in a blend! We were unable to see how much of each was in it, regardless it still was not enough.

Unless you like burning money, we strongly suggest you don’t buy this product.

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