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Primeval Labs Pyretic Review

A product by Primeval Labs

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Green Tea
  • Many ineffective ingredients
  • Only 1 Fat burning ingredient
  • Servings need improving

Review Overview – What does Primeval Labs Pyretic do?

pyretic-reviewAn all natural stimulant free fat burner from Primeval Labs, Pyretic is claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Mood
  • Focus

But how well does it really work?

In this review we look closer at Pyretic to see how effective it really is, this is what we found:

How are the servings?

Need improving.

With only 2 servings a day, Pyretic could do with some improvements.

Ideally in a fat burner you need 3 – 4 servings a day. This allows your body to get a constant supply of the nutrients you need to constantly burn fat.

With only a couple of servings, the space between each will be long, and could seriously slow up your progress.

What about the ingredients in Pyretic?

On the whole – not great.

There a lot of ingredients in Pyretic – but only one helps directly with fat loss.

If you’re looking to lean out quickly – this isn’t the product for you.

Take a look:pyretic-side-effects


An amino acid thought to raise metabolism and energy levels.

At 500mg per serving, there is a good amount in this fat burner to get some benefits.

Green Tea

One of the best thermogenics on the market.

Green tea contains catechins. Once absorbed into your blood stream, release more norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone.

You’ll also get a mild energy boost from the caffeine in it too.

Olea Europaea

Another name for Olive leaf exact.

May help reduce blood sugar levels, which could reduce estrogen.

However, limited evidence is out there to support this.

Coleus Forskholii

Linked to burning fat and boosting testosterone and used commonly in more male targeted supplements.

However the evidence of coleus working to a noticeable extent is limited.

It’s not the best choice out there.


Linked to decreasing sugar levels in the blood.

This can help prevent an insulin spike which could result in more fat storage.


Bacopa leaf has been seen to help with cognition.

Mainly it helps with memory and focus. This may help you concentrate more in the gym, but it’s not going to promote fat burning.


May help with cognition and focus – however there’s not a lot of evidence out there to support this.

It will not support fat burning.pyretic-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, this isn’t the best nutrient profile we’ve seen.

There’s only one real fat burner present here – and that’s the Green Tea.

L-Carnitine is well dosed, but it works better for energy and metabolism. Not direct fat burning.

It doesn’t look great.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported with the use of Pyretic.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


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Primeval Labs Pyretic Review Conclusion

Overall, this isn’t the best fat burner out there.

From this review, here’s what you need to know about Pyretic:

  • Some ineffective ingredients – Not all ingredients promote fat burning.
  • Only 1 fat burning ingredient – Green Tea only directly promotes fat burning.
  • Servings need improvement – 2 a day is not enough for day long fat burning.

All in all, it’s not something we would recommend.

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