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Platinum Labs OptiBurn Amped Review

A product by Platinum Labs

Overall Rating:5-stars

Positives Negatives
  • Contains Green Tea & Green Coffee Bean
  • Misses Core Ingredients
  • Room for Improvement

Review Overview – What does OptiBurn Amped do?

From Platinum Labs comes OptiBurn Amped, one of the newer more interesting fat burners on the market.

optiburn-amped-review11One of the few powdered supplements for fat loss out there, a lot of you have asked us to review it to see if it is worth the money.

OptiBurn Amped claims to promote:

  • Thermogenesis
  • Mood
  • Appetite Control
  • Energy
  • Less water weight

It’s a big list, and that means a lot of ingredients – and potentially side effects.

We were pretty surprised about how it played out. Take a look:

How are the Servings?


OptiBurn Amped has only one serving a day. Which is a big sin in fat burning.

The idea is to have your body in a constant thermogenic state throughout the day to keep you losing fat – so you need a regular top-up of nutrients – your body can only absorb so much at a time.

What you should be looking for:

The best fat burners on the market usually have a serving amount of around 3 – 4 per day. This keeps any thermogenic effects constant, your energy levels on high and you appetite controlled.

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What about the Ingredients in OptiBurn Amped?

Not great.

Don’t get us wrong, there are a few good ones in here, but on the whole a lot needs work. There’s also a real issue with side effects with this product so watch out for that too.

Here’s the full list, we’ve wrote up the ingredients you should know about below:optiburn-review

The N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a good start…

NALC is a great amino acid for increasing metabolism and energy levels.

It’s often under-dosed in most supplements, as there needs to be at least 500mg in each serving to work. Luckily there’s 2000mg in OptiBurn Amped so that shouldn’t be a problem.

And the L-Taurine should help…

Although thought to help boost energy levels as it’s usually used in energy drinks, Taurine is more of a supporting agent that promotes circulation and helps against cramping.

The African Mango and the Raspberry Ketones however…

Some of the poorer fat burners in the supplements industry, Raspberry Ketones especially. Thought to help reduce fat, both of these nutrients have failed to see any results when recorded in actual human testing.

And there are no human studies on Lotus Leaf…

Lotus Leaf is believed to be an anti-depressed, or at least marketed as one. Unfortunately there have been no human studies to date that vouch for it’s effectiveness.

Both the Green Coffee Bean and the Green Tea are great though…

The pair of these nutrients are both top thermogenics.

Green Coffee Bean works because of the chlorogenic acid in it. This breaks down the glucose in your liver and makes your body look to your fat cells for energy.

Green Tea on the other hand is a great thermogenic because of the catechins. After being absorbed by the body, the catechins in the tea promote norepinephrine, the fat burning hormone and give your body that added thermogenic boost.

But the Caffeine’s way too high at 250mg…

In one serving 250mg of caffeine can cause a wide range of side effects. It’s the equivalent of three cups of coffee, and you’re taking it in one shot.

Something we definitely do not recommend. Especially if you have a low tolerance to caffeine.

And the Synephrine just makes it worse…

Synephrine definitely makes things worse, renown for causing side effects when mixed with caffeine or green tea (both of which are in this product).

There’s also very little evidence of synephrine that much of an effect when it comes to burning fat, it would’ve been far easier to remove this ingredient altogether.optiburn-amped-review

Ingredients Bottom Line:

Overall, OptiBurn Amped is a pretty crazy fat burner. A lot of the ingredients in here like the Rapsberry Ketones, Horsehair, Lotus Leaf and Mango are just ineffective.

There are a few good ones like the green tea and the green coffee bean, but the lure of this supplement is lost due to the risky side effects you can get from the over-dosed caffeine and the synephrine.

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Side Effects

There are two big problems with OptiBurn Amped which make it a concern when it comes to side effects: the caffeine and the synephrine.

First the caffeine. 250mg per serving is way too high and can cause serious issues such as headaches, nausea, light-headedness and even blood pressure problems if you’re overly sensitive. Not to mention a poor night’s sleep.

Next the synephrine. Also known as Bitter Orange Extract, synephrine has been known to react badly when mixed with caffeinated nutrients like green tea, and of course caffeine itself.

These can cause headaches, naseau, high blood pressure and heart problems if you already have cardiac issues.

Platinum Labs OptiBurn Amped Review Conclusion

Overall, OptiBurn Amped is a fat burner that we would definitely not recommend, and there are a good few reasons why.

Although it contains Green Tea and Green Coffee Beans, there a whole list of problems that take it out of the running:

  • Poor Servings – Only one a day, it’s not great for round the clock fat burning
  • Ineffective Ingredients – Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Lotus Leaf are all prime examples of poor choices
  • Side Effects – A risky amount of caffeine and a serious side effects with synephrine

On the whole we suggest you steer clear of OptiBurn Amped and look into our current top fat burner listed below:

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