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NutraTech Health AtraFen Review

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  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Potential Long Term Side Effects
  • Proprietary Blends

Review Overview – What does NutraTech’a AtraFen do?

Made by NutraTech Health, this is an all natural fat burner that is claimed to promote:

  • Thermogenic Fat Loss
  • Energy
  • Appetite Suppression


But how well does it really work?

In this review, we look closer at AtraFen to see how effective it really is.

This is what you need to know:

How are the servings?

Could be improved.

With only 2 servings a day there’s only so much benefit you can expect from AtraFen.

You body uses up nutrients quickly – usually in a few hours. You need regular top ups to keep on top of it to keep you in that constant fat burning mode.

Ideally what you need is 3 – 4 servings a day.

This gives your body a constant supply of the nutrients it needs to give you day long fat burning benefits.

What about the ingredients in NutraTech’s AtraFen?

They could be a lot better.

The first problem is that there are only really a handful of good ingredients in this product. (We’ll get to those.)

Not only that, they’re all wrapped in proprietary blends. This means the individual doses of the ingredients used in this product are hidden.

You don’t know how much is being used – so how do you know how effective it’ll be?

There are also some poor ingredients in here too.

Take a look:atrafen-side-effects

Raspberry Ketone

One of the poorest fat burners out there.

Claimed to be an effective fat burner after 1 rat study – Raspberry Ketone won’t give you the benefits you’re looking for.

For starters the rats were given a dramatic amount of RK to burn fat – something that couldn’t be scaled up to a supplement.

Not only that, it’s cheap to produce – which makes it a preferred choice of supplements to make more money.

It’s just overhyped and not worth the investment.

African Mango

Also known as Irvinia Gabonesis.

African Mango has been banned in the EU due to it being a novelty food.

This means there are very little studies behind its effectiveness, and it has not been researched enough to know if they are any long term side effects.

It’s best avoided.

Green Tea

One of the best natural thermogenics available,

Green Tea’s catechins are the real heroes here. After being absorbed by your body, the catechins get to work on your norepinephrine levels – the fat burning hormone.

By increasing the amount of norepinephrine in your body, you’ll burn more fat with no extra effort.

Acai Fruit/Resveratrol

Nothing special here.

Resveratrol is found in acai fruit and grape products like wine, it may help with blood flow, but evidence is unreliable.

And it won’t promote fat loss.


Arguably the best natural stimulant out there.

Caffeine has numerous benefits, but the main thing it gives you energy and power boosts.

It may also help to raise fat loss. It’s a good nutrient.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nothing special here either.

It may help with the absorption of foods and digestion.

But not much after that.


Another nutrient that may not have that much of an impact.

Kelp has been seen to help with the immune system and nutrient absorption.

It doesn’t directly help fat loss. It’s very much a supporting ingredient here.


Not a good option.

The results on grapefruit are mixed. With it working for some and not for others.

It may only work when taken in very large doses – which is not what you’ll get in a small capsule.

It’s not your best option.atrafen-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole this is far from the best nutrient profile we’ve seen.

Really, there are only 2 good ingredients in AtraFen: the green tea and the caffeine.

And even then you need to be wary that it’s a proprietary blend – you don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting or how effective it will be overall.

It’s just not a good option.

Side Effects

The novel foods African Mango and Raspberry Ketones haven’t had any side effects reported – but they are on an EU watchlist.

There’s a belief that it could cause side effects long term.

Be wary of this.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


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  1. Thermogenic Calorie Burning
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NutraTech AtraFen Review Conclusion

On the whole, this isn’t the best fat burner on the market.

From this review, this is what you need to know about AtraFen; 

  • Proprietary Blends – You don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting, or how effective it will be overall. 
  • Potential Long Term Side Effects – Various EU banned ‘Novel Foods’ in here that could cause long term damage. 
  • Servings need improving – Not enough doses throughout the day to keep you in constant fat burning mode. 

As you can see, it isn’t your best option.

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