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Nutra Rise Extreme Fat Burner Review

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  • Contains Green Tea and caffeine
  • All proprietary blends
  • Only serving per day
  • Many ingredients unproven/ineffective
  • Most blends under-dosed

Review Overview – What does Extreme Fat Burner Do?

extreme fat burner1We got a lot of emails regarding the Extreme Fat Burner from Nutra rise which has received rave reviews on However, like we’ve covered in other reviews, it’s pretty easy to fake a comment on Amazon if you’re the company.

One of the main ways to tell if they’re pulling the wool over your eyes is to check the amount reviews each user has done who has rated the product highly – chances are they’ve only done one – that product.

We believe this to be another one of those cases – especially after looking at the ingredients.

Another reason you can tell that this product is a ‘hack’ and just in it for the money are the benefits. They offer only one thing:

  • Burns Fat

Usually in a fat burner there’s a lot more details rather than repackaging the same benefit again and again.

We want higher energy levels, higher metabolism, increased thermogenesis, appetite suppression – along with their reasons for this, rather than just parading them with no evidence or shown workings.

How does Extreme Fat Burner work?

Extreme Fat Burner also commits the worst crime of them all – 1 serving per day. Yes, 1 serving per day sounds convenient but it’s usually a sign to show that it’s ineffective.

The most effective fat burners require around 3-4 servings per day. This keeps thermogenesis at a constant and avoids energy crashes that may happen a few hours later (depending on the stimulant dosage).

Unfortunately this product is riddled with proprietary blends – this means we have no angle on how much of each ingredient is being used in Extreme Fat Burner. However we do know how much is in each blend. But by the size of some of them it’s not looking good:


Energy and Focus Blend – good thing it’s 450mg

The caffeine is a good sign.

Although we don’t know the dosage caffeine is a good choice. As a potent stimulant caffeine improves wakefulness, energy levels and even power output. It’s also great for improving metabolism.

Using Phenylethylamine and Acacia Rigidula is always risky a choice.

Not because it’s dangerous, but because it is broken down into inactive components so quickly by the body. It’s supposed to risk ‘feel good hormones’ like dopamine, no doubt to help with motivation. Although the chances of it working are very unreliable.

The AR is used for a similar a function and also contains Phenylethylamine – however there has been no evidence of its effectiveness, yet it is still used in many supplements.

There has also been no evidence for Fursultiamine actually working.

A disulfide extracted from thiamine. It is was first made in Japan in the 1960s to help with B12 deficiency, and may help with energy metabolism – but there are conflicting results to its effectiveness. It’s unlikely to help us here.

The L-Tyrosine however is a great ingredient – but the dosage may be off.

An amino acid that is great for reducing stress levels – which is exactly what we need when using high caffeine fat burners, however, reported effective doses start at 500mg. That’s more than the blend this acid is a part of. Again this ingredient is too under-dosed.

Thermogenic Blend – 40mg is nowhere near enough to have a decent effect.

Green Tea Extract is a good start to this blend.

Green tea is the best natural fat burning ingredient in the industry. Being a caffeinated herb green tea is great for supplying energy and boosting metabolism.

However green tea also has some great thermogenic properties. The catechins the green tea promote the body’s norepinephrine levels – this is a potent fat burning hormone. Although it’s split over 40g with another ingredient – which means it won’t really be effective in this blend.

Raspberry ketones are a terrible choice.

We’re not joking, whatever Dr Oz told you is a lie. Raspberry ketones has only been proven to burn fat in rats, when they were given very generous doses. Unfortunately in humans these effects in no way scale up.

The 7g of this Lipogenic Blend isn’t even worth our time. Considering the ingredients there is nowhere near enough for it to have any effect whatsoever.

The main feeling we have towards this product and it’s ingredients is that they didn’t care. It almost seems like they picked out a few ingredients they’d seen in other fat burners, whittled them down until they had the cheapest nutrients and bunged them into a fat burner.

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Where to buy Extreme Fat Burner

This product can be purchased from, complimented by a range of falsified reviews.

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extreme fat burner

Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects with this fat burner – however, it barely has any effects to begin with.

Nutra Rise Extreme Fat Burner Review Conclusion

What can we say? This is a terrible product.

A perfect example of pseudo-supplement companies trying to profiteer in a growing industry, without any concerns for their customer’s goals.

All of the actual ingredient dosages are hidden, and on top of that, many of them are unproven, ineffective or put into some horrendously under-dosed blends.

The fact that this is one serving a day also amplifies that this company has no idea what it’s doing. It’s simply preying on the ignorant.

Due to the nature of this product and what it represents, we feel it is our duty to give it a measly 1 star.

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