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NexGen LipoX Review

A product by NexGen

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Poor Serving Schedule
  • Ineffective Ingredients

Review Overview – What does LipoX do?

NexGen-LipoX-reviewLipoX is a fat burner from NexGen which has been getting a lot of attention as of late – although the feedback on it has been mixed.

The question everyone’s asking at the moment is does it actually work?

On their website LipoX claims to:

  • Suppress Appettite
  • Increase Focus
  • Use less stimulants than coffee
  • Promote Fat Burning

Some would argue that the lack of stimulants is actually a bad thing, however it depends what kind of product you’re looking for.

If you’re considering LipoX we strongly suggest you read this review first – we analyze the servings and the ingredients of this product to determine to see if it really is the fat burner to get results.

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How does LipoX work?


The servings for LipoX were disappointing – Only 2 servings a day of one capsule is not the best we’ve seen.

The gap between servings is two wide to ensure constant thermogenesis – the optimum amount of servings you should be looking for is between 3 and 4. This keeps thermogenesis at a constant and keeps appetite suppression in full effect throughout the day.

As for the ingredients the choices were poor – and what’s worse, they’re all part of a proprietary blend – this mean we don’t know how much of each ingredient has gone into LipoX. Which also means we don’t know how effective it will be.

Here are our views on the most notable ingredients:

We’re disappointed with the Raspberry Ketones


Always thought to be an effective fat burner, unfortunately Raspberry Ketones have never been proven to promote fat loss in humans.

It has been seen to work in rats but only in very large amounts in proportions that we can’t realistically scale up to.

And we’re not sure about the African Mango Extract

Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) is another nutrient that has been touted for its fat burning benefits, although there has been no sufficient evidence put forward to prove it.

Green Tea is always a good choice though

This is always a great option – and it’s all down to the catechins in the green tea. This allows additional calorie burning by stimulating the fat burning hormone in the body norepinephrine.

The fact that it’s caffeinated also gives a nice boost to energy levels and metabolism.

Resveratrol/Acai Fruit doesn’t help fat loss but it is good for blood flow

There’s no evidence that really connects Reseveratrol to fat loss – although it does help with blood flow – which can help towards pumps and better circulatory health in a small way.

Reserveratrol is also the main reason for supplementing Acai fruit.

Caffeine Anhydrous on the other hand is just what we need

A key energy booster, and a great one for boosting metabolism. Caffeine is one of the best natural stimulants you can get on the market and great if you need a pick-me-up on a low calorie diet.

Full List:


Sadly there only seems to be 2 ingredients that will give you any benefit in this product – caffeine and green tea. And the fact that they’re all tied together in a proprietary blend doesn’t make this a smart choice for fat burning.

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Where to buy LipoX:

LipoX is a fairly mainstream product. You can find it from numerous stores online. You may want to shop around for the best price.

Side Effects

None have been reported.


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NexGen LipoX Review Conclusion

Overall this is a pretty poor product.

LipoX uses too many ineffective ingredients and not a lot of the ones that are tried and true.

On the one hand we have the caffeine and the green tea extract, both effective for fat burning and proven in their field.

On the other hand we have ineffective ingredients like Raspberry Ketones and Mango Extract, along with a lot more – add on to that the poor serving suggestions and it’s not looking good for LipoX.

And not once did any of these ingredients promote any kind of appetite suppression.

If you’re thinking about using LipoX as a fat burner – think again.

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