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Myokem Thyrovate Review

A product by Myokem

Overall Rating:5-stars

Positives Negatives
  • Contains Green Tea
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Poor Serving Schedule
  • Ineffective Ingredients

Review Overview – What does Thyrovate do?

thyrovate-1Thyrovate by Myokem is one of the new fat burners on the market that uses stimulants whatsoever to help women burn fat and slim down.

On their website, Myokem claims Thyrovate can:

  • Boost Stamina
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Control Appetite

However whether it actually achieves this is a different story.

Read on to find exactly what we find with Thyrovate and if it really is worth the money.

How does Thyrovate work?

There’s 2 things in particular you need to look at when finding a good a fat burner: The servings and the ingredients.

And we have the low-down on both:

The Servings:

The servings for Thyrovate are okay, but they aren’t the best. With only 2 servings a day, Thyrovate isn’t the best fat burner out there for ensuring maximum fat loss and appetite suppression.

The best choices on the market have around 3 – 4 servings a day. This ensures round the clock thermogenesis due to the constant supply and better absorption by your body.

The Ingredients

One of the biggest problems with this product is the ingredients.

There seems to be a lot of gambling when it comes to the choices, as Myokem have picked various ingredients that are untested, or have very few studies behind them.

The main one here is the Green Tea.

Green Tea is a great thermogenic compound, it’s caffeinated helping it boost energy levels, but it also helps increase the fat burning hormone norepinephrine in your body via it’s catechins.

There are endless studies that vouch for Green Tea’s effectiveness.

However, there’s a huge problem.

The green tea is part of a bigger ingredient called iFAS503 – a fancy proprietary blend that stops us from knowing exactly how much of the herb is in the supplement – and how effective it’ll be.

The other ingredient that works here is Ashwaghanda.

Various studies show that this herb can help diminish anxiety, which may help if this fat burner raises energy levels too high.

Aside from that there aren’t that many effective ingredients in Thyrovate.

Also there isn’t any caffeine individually added to this fat burner, only what you get in the green tea – the chances of this giving you a significant energy boost are low.

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Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects with people using Thyrovate.

However the chance of it having much of an effect at all is slim.thyrovate-pic

Myokem Thyrovate Review Conclusion

Overall if you’re looking for a fat burner to compliment your diet and training – Thyrovate isn’t the answer for you.

The serving amount in this product isn’t the best, and doesn’t ensure round the clock fat burning benefits. For the best results you need around 3 or 4 servings a day – as long as the ingredients are good.

Which brings us to the second problem: The ingredients.

The main good nutrient in this product is the Green Tea, unfortunately it’s only a small part in a bigger ingredient, and we don’t know exactly how much is being used – it may not be that effective or give you the results you’re looking for,

Altogether, Thyrovate is nowhere the best product for fat burning on the market. For the best options we strongly suggest you check out Alpha Fat Burners highest rated supplements, reviewed in the box below:

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