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LEGION Forge Fat Burner Review

A product by LEGION

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  • May help cognition
  • Poor Servings
  • Ineffective Ingredients
  • Potential Side Effects

Review Overview – What does Legion’s Forge Fat Burner do?

legion-forge-reviewFrom Legion, we have Forge, the natural fat burner that’s claimed to:

  • Burn Fat
  • Preserve Muscle
  • Increase Focus

But how well does this really work?

We’ve looked closely at the ingredients in this product and we’re not entirely convinced.

If you’re considering this product, this review gets to the bottom of it all, deciding if it really is up to standard.

How are the servings?


There’s only 1 a day, this means you’re not going to get that much out of Forge.

This means the effect of this fat burner will wear off only after a few hours, which fails to give you that ’round-the-clock’ fat burning advantage.

Ideally you want something with 3 – 4 servings per day, this ensures that your body is being constantly supplied with the nutrients it needs to help you keep burning fat.

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What about the ingredients in LEGION’s Forge?

Pretty limited.

The ingredients in this fat burner are pretty poor for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they’re limited. It’s clear that this is lacking a full nutrient profile (such as thermogenics, energy boosters and appetite suppressants) which will really slow up your progress.

On top of this, one of these three nutrients even causes side effects. Take a look:legion-forge-ingredients

HMB is a very unreliable choice, considering its Forge’s main ingredient…

HMB is essentially the metabolite of Leuciine, which has been linked to reducing muscle damage and breakdown, however, what we’re after here is a fat burner considering how much of this product it takes up.

In terms of studies surrounding fat mass, the overall findings is that the efffects are minor and in some cases unreliable, it’s not your best choice here.

And the Citicoline definitely doesn’t help…

Although it can help to some degree with cognition and memory, although it doesn’t promote fat loss.

You may find yourself being to focus more at the gym – especially if you’re on a low calorie diet, but you won’t notice much around your waistline.

Yohimbine HCL may cause side effects…

Seen to work as an appetite suppressant, however, this bark has been linked to numerous side effects in some users. You learn more about them later on in this review.legion-forge-main-image

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole you can see that this is a very limited ingredient profile, which doesn’t seem to promote fat loss, and may even lead to side effects.

There are 3 key elements missing from this product – a potent thermogenic profile to burn calories, energy boosters and appetite suppressants (that don’t cause side effects).

With only 3 ingredients, and not one of them highly rated. You’re not going to get the best results with this product.

To see what you should be looking for in a fat burner, check out our top rated ingredients in the link below:

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Side Effects

The main thing you have to worry about here is the Yohimbe. In some cases, this bark has been known to cause several side effects in some users such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Gastrointestinal Distress

They’re not dangerous drawbacks, but they’re definitely distracting when you’re trying to cut down.

LEGION Forge Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This isn’t your best choice for effective fat loss. Far from it, and there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use it.

If you’re thinking of taking this fat burner to help with your physique, this is what you need to know:

  • Poor Servings – With only 1 a day, you can’t get that round the clock fat loss
  • Limited Ingredient Profile – There are no effective thermogenics, energy boosters or appetite suppressants
  • Potential Side Effects – Yohimbe has been linked to numerous side effects

You’re not going to hit your goals with a limited product like this.

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