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Hydroxycut SX-7 Review

A product by MuscleTech

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  • Contains Green Coffee Bean
  • May reduce jitters
  • May cause side effects
  • Lot of ingredients serve little purpose for fat burning
  • Some ingredients ineffective
  • Poor Serving Schedule


Review Overview – What does Hydroxycut SX-7 do?

One of the newer additions to Hydroxycut SX-7 is a fat burner from MuscleTech which seems to be the newest in its range.

This supplement range has always been somewhat hit and miss in the past, and I was eager to see how the new Hydroxycut would fare.

sx7If you’re considering buying this product, I seriously recommend reading this review first.

SX-7 claims to:

  • Increase Energy and Focus
  • Create an ‘Unparalleled Sensory Experience’ (Oh brother…)
  • Help with fat loss

It’s definitely an intriguing write-up, especially the second point. But I can tell you right now to not get your hopes up, as the only ‘sensory experience’ you’ll be getting here is disappointment. Read on to find out why.

How does Hydroxycut SX-7 work?

To start, MuscleTech suggests taking one serving of a single capsule a day for the first 2 days and them upping it to 2 after day 3. That’s 2 servings a day. One capsule before breakfast and another before lunch.

This isn’t the best serving method to burn fat. The best products on the market use around 3 – 4 servings per day. This ensures that your body is burning fat constantly, rather than just for an hour or two after the first capsule has been taken. This may be something for MuscleTech to work on.

As for the ingredients, there was only 2 or 3 that really stood out to me. The rest were just weak supports, or not effective at all.

Here’s my view of them:

The Green Coffee Blend is a great idea

It doesn’t have any caffeine like its brown roasted alternative, however, this green bean contains chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid helps cut down the amount of glucose in the liver. With less glucose, your body has to look elsewhere for energy, which turns it onto fat cells.

Caffeine is always welcome

A proven natural stimulant. Good at promoting wakefulness, caffeine gives your body the energetic boost it needs to keep going when faced with a low calorie diet. It has also been seen to boost metabolism and power out put.

The Myristica Fragrans isn’t going to help you cut weight though

Essentially nutmeg, this nutrient can help with insomnia and allow you to sleep better. Used here no doubt to counteract any jitters that may be caused by the caffeine.

Same with the Sage Leaf, though it may help you ‘relax’

Similar to nutmeg, this nutrient has been seen to lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Both which can be raised by taking too many stimulants. It’s good to see that MuscleTech are being cautious with their product.

Why did they put Raspberry Ketone in this?

People need to stop using this in their products. Raspberry Ketones was promoted as a fat burning supplement a few years back by Dr. Oz but it has never been proven to burn fat in humans.

It’s only ever worked in high doses for rats, but it has never scaled up to work for us in fat loss. This is a waste of an ingredient.

And this Ecklonia Cava hasn’t proved to do much

Just an anti-oxidant, that works a similar function to Sage Leaf. It can help lower blood pressure. It’s a nice touch, but Sage Leaf already seems to have that area covered, this also seems to be a waste of an ingredient.

Also, always be careful with Yohimbe

Yohimbe is a good appetite suppressant – but beware. If you take over 0.2mg per kg bodyweight, this nutrient can cause you some rather nasty side effects.

You can read how this effects you in the side effects section further down.

Full List:


As you can see, there’s a combination of both effective and ineffective ingredients in this product.

But which ones should you be looking to get the most of?

I’ve outlined a list of all the best fat burning nutrients in supplements right now in the link below. I strongly suggest you check it out:

-Click Here for our list of the Best Fat Burning Ingredients-

Where to buy Hydroxycut SX-7

This is a pretty mainstream product that you can find both on and


Side Effects

The Yohimbe is a bit of an issue. The side effects of Yohimbe can include anxiety, gastrointestinal distress and hypertension – all if the dose exceeds 0.2mg per kg of body weight.

With this product you take in 17mg a day.

So if you’re 70kg like I am (154lbs), anything over 14mg is going to run the risk. Like what’s in this product.

If you’re considering taking this product DO THE MATH and be careful.

If you’re looking for a safer fat burner for an effective and solid cut, click over to my top fat burners page and find the supplement which is right for you:

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Hydroxycut SX-7 Review Conclusion

Overall this is a pretty standard fat burner with nothing that special going for it.

The good ingredients here are Green Coffee Bean and Caffeine – the yohimbe I’m going to leave on the fence because depending on your weight it may not be the best choice (side effects).

The other ingredients seemed to just be depressants to balance jitters after dosing that they’re trying to pass off as something that aids ‘sensory experience’ – but considering the amount of stimulants in this product, they don’t seem that necessary.

The use of Raspberry Ketones was a bad move too – it’s never been proven to be effective, why do companies keep including it?

This is definitely not the best fat burning supplement out there. If you’re looking to get cut quickly, I suggest looking over my highest rated fat burners, which you can learn all about in the box below.

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