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GAT JetFuel Pyro Review

A product by Generix Laboratories

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Caffeine and Green Coffee Bean
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Servings need improving
  • Proprietary Blends

Review Overview – What does GAT JetFuel Pyro do?

Made by German American Technologies, this natural fat burner is claimed to promote;

  • Fat Burning
  • Energy
  • Mood


But how well does it really work?

In this review, we look closer at GAT JetFuel Pyro, to see how effective it really is.

This is what you need to know:

How are the servings?

Not great.

With only 1 – 2 servings a day, you’re not getting as much as you need with JetFuel Pyro.

Your body can only absorb so much at a time, so rather than a big dose, your body needs smaller, more regular top ups.

3 – 4 servings a day is ideal. It keeps you constantly topped up with the nutrients you need and you can continue to burn fat throughout the day.

You’ll find this in more premium fat burners.

What about the ingredients in GAT’s JetFuel Pyro?

They could be a lot better.

First of all, this is a proprietary blend. You don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting or how effective it will be overall.

Not only that, there’s a side effect risk here too.

Check it out the main ingredients:jetfuel-pyro-side-effects

Rhodiola Rosea

Not a fat burner, but may help with mood.

Rhodiola has been seen in some studies to help fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It has also been seen to promote feelings of well-being.

Again, this won’t contribute to fat loss.


One of the best options for energy.

Caffeine is arguably the top natural nutrient for energy, and it has been seen to raise metabolism.

In some larger doses it may even increase power output.


Not great for fat loss, but may help with blood flow.

Ginseng has been seen to promote nitric oxide in the body, a vasodilator that expands blood flow and improves overall circulation.

This could help move nutrients around your system.

Bitter Orange Extract

Not a good fat burner – it may even cause side effects.

Also known as Synephrine, this nutrient is thought to boost fat loss and increase energy levels. However, very little has been proven when it comes to the results.

Not only that, it has been linked to causing numerous side effects.

Green Coffee

One of the better choices.

Green Coffee bean is a thermogenic, and effective because of its chlorogenic acid.

By cutting down the glucose stored in your liver, the chlorogenic acid encourages your body to look for other sources to burn for energy – which becomes your stored fat cells.

Raspberry Ketones

Another poor addition.

Although it has been marketed in the past as a fat burner – some believe this may due to how cheap the nutrient is to produce.

Studies have shown that Raspberry Ketones have only worked for weight/fat loss in a handful of rat studies.

The results have never scaled up to humans, due to the large dose that the rats were receiving.


Used to promote sleep and recovery.

Won’t help with fat loss, but might help with training.

Grape Seed Extract

Used to promote blood flow.

Grape seed extract may help the nutrients in this fat burner get around your system faster


A poor fat burner.

Not much has been seen on grapefruit’s effects.

Believed to be a fat burner, however there are very unreliable results when it comes to this product, and it’s not looking promising.


Found in turmeric.

May help reduce bloating and swelling due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

However it doesn’t burn fat.


Not a fat burner, but used for male health.

Maca may promote libido, but studies are unreliable. It’s an irrelevant choice here.


May help with digestion and absorption.

Again, not a fat burner.jetfuel-pyro-results

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, this isn’t the best fat burning nutrient profile we’ve seen.

There are a few good ingredients like the green coffee and the caffeine – however there are some irrelevant choices in there too.

Not only that, the majority of this product is a proprietary blend – you don’t know how much you’re getting, or how effective it will be overall.

There’s even side effect risks here from the Synephrine, it’s just not looking good.

Side Effects

Your main worry here is the Synephrine.

Linked to causing side effects, especially when mixed with caffeine, Synephrine has been seen to cause;

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Raised Heart Rate
  • Risk of Increased Blood Pressure
  • Dizziness
  • And more.

It’s not a safe option, you’re better off using something else while cutting.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


We’ve scoured the market for the best fat burners that promote:

  1. Thermogenic Calorie Burning
  2. Energy Levels
  3. Fat Loss
  4. Appetite Suppression

And we’ve narrowed it down to just three.

To see what works best for men, and what works best for women, check out the top 3 rated fat burners on the market in the links below:

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GAT JetFuel Pyro Review Conclusion

On the whole, this isn’t the best fat burner on the market.

From this review, this is what you need to know about JetFuel Pyro:

  • Servings Need Improving – With only 1 – 2 servings a day, it’s unlikely you’ll have day-long fat burning.
  • Proprietary Blends – You don’t know how much of each ingredient or how effective it will be overall.
  • Potential Side Effects – Synephrine has been linked to numerous side effects.

As you can see, it’s not your best option.

To see what our readers, and our editor, are having the best results with – check out our number 1 fat burner in the link below – it’s easily the most effective and safest we’ve seen:

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