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Faktrition F.Burner CMPLX Review

A product by Faktrition

Overall Rating:


Positives Negatives
  • Contains Green Tea
  • Poor Servings
  • Too much caffeine (300mg!)
  • Potential Side Effects

Review Overview – What does Faktrition’s F.Burner CMPLX do?

faktrition-fburner-cmplx-reviewOne of the newer fat burners on the market brought to us by Faktrition, F.Burner CMPLX has been claimed to:

  • Boost Focus
  • Increase Energy
  • Promote Fat Loss

But how well does it do this?

We liked the sound of this fat burner because it contained no proprietary blends, meaning we know how much we’re getting of each ingredient with no hidden dosages.

However, on closer inspection, this may have been it’s undoing. Take a look at what we found:

How are the servings?


With only 1 serving a day – and it’s a big one, you’re not going to get a lot of benefit.

Your body can only absorb so many nutrients at a time, after a few hours, whatever benefits you were experiencing will wear off. The rest of your day will not involve this product helping you burn extra fat.

You should be looking for fat burners that have around 3 – 4 servings a day, this ensures that your body is constantly topped-up with the nutrients it needs and that keep burning fat.

We’ve made a shortlist of the fat burners that do this the best, with the right ingredients, you can check them all out in the link below:

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What about the Ingredients in F.Burner CMPLX?


There are some good and some bad in this product, but unfortunately due to some over-generous dosing, on one or two ingredients we think it may be more bad than good.

There’s a chance of side effects with this fat burner too, so be careful.

Here’s what we’ve found:faktrition-fburner-complex-ingredients

Green Tea

One of the better thermogenics out there on the market, green tea is great for fat loss. Packed with catechins, that after being absorbed by the body release norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone.

It also gives you an energy boost from the caffeinated properties in the herb.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine’s a great ingredient, although we feel it’s gone too far in F.Burner CMPLX – there’s 300mg in there.

Seen to promote metabolism, energy levels and power output in the gym, this stimulant is great for keeping your workouts going on a low calorie diet. However at 300mg of caffeine in one serving, this could lead to side effects – especially if you aren’t used to the dosage.

White Willow Bark

Also known as Feverfew and may help with inflammation and joint pain. This is good overall joint health, but does very little for burning fat.

Higenamine HCL

Claimed to be one of the reliable fat burners on the market, however, there’s a problem. There have been no comprehensive studies that have come forward to show this as an effective fat burner.


A great thermogenic extracted from chili powder. The heat from this nutrient, boosts core temperature which kick-starts a cooling down process in your body.

This cooling process burns extra calories and helps you reach that calorie deficit.

Advantra Z (Synephrine)

This nutrient is a problem – in this nutrient profile Syneprhine/Citrus Aurantium can lead to several side effects when mixed with caffeine or caffeinated herbs like green – which this product contains!

Originally thought to help with fat loss, there have been no real studies to confirm or back-up this claim, it appears to do more harm than good.


Nothing special here, this is just black pepper and thought to help with absorption.

Rawolfia Vomitoria

Thought to work in a similar way to Yohimbine, and may help with appetite suppression. However there is limited studies and evidence to support this.fburner-cmplx-main-image

Ingredients Bottom Line:

Overall, there’s some good and some bad. Although there’s good thermogenics here like Green Tea and Capsimax, there’s also some side effect risks with the syneprhine, and the huge amount of caffeine.

There’s also some ineffective ingredients here as well like the white willow bark.

We’ve definitely seen better fat burners.

If you want to see what you should be looking for in a fat burner, check out our top ingredients page in the link below:

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Side Effects

The main risk here comes from the synephrine, but we also recommend you stay wary of the caffeine.

Synephrine has been seen to react badly with caffeine which can cause the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Light Headed-ness
  • Risk of High Blood Pressure

These are all symptoms you don’t want while cutting. Likewise the caffeine can cause jitters and anxiety in high doses, and considering F.Buner CMPLX contains more than some pre-workouts, you’d be wise to be careful with it.

Faktrition F.Burner CMPLX Review Conclusion

On the whole, if you’re looking for the best fat burner on the market, this review makes it clear that this isn’t it.

When it comes to Faktrition’s F.Burner CMPLX this is what you need to know:

  • Poor Servings – With only 1 serving a day, there’s only so much benefit you can expect to get out of this product
  • Too Much Caffeine – With 300mg of caffeine per serving you risk getting jitters and other side effects
  • Potential Side Effects – Synephrine is also known to cause problems when mixed with caffeine
  • Some ineffective ingredients – Not all the nutrients in this fat burner have proven studies behind them

Needless to say, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Do you want to see the best fat burner we’ve reviewed so far? You can see out #1 below, it contains our full transformation with this safe and effective supplement and why we think this the best option for anybody on a cut:

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