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F-22 Fat Burner Review

A product by Just Potent

Our Rating:5-stars

Positives Negatives
  • One or two good ingredients
  • Could boost energy levels and metabolism
  • Most ingredients under-dosed
  • Main ingredient causes side effects
  • Poor serving schedule

Review Overview – What does F-22 do?

F-22 is a fat burner released by Just Potent, and one more interesting Fat Burners I’ve been asked to investigate.

If you’ve looked it up on it has overwhelming positive reviews, but many of my readers are not so sure.

Something stinks, and from some of the reviews, it might be this product:


Seriously, you’re going to want to read this review.

f22fatburnerOn the face of it, this product claims to:

  • Cause Thermogenesis
  • Raise Metabolism
  • Boost Energy
  • Control Appetite

But does it, really?


To get to the bottom of this, I’ve put together a full review, analyzing every aspect of this product to see if it really is the right one for you to cut fat.

Let’s look at the facts:

How Does F-22 work?


Sadly in terms of servings, this is a one pill a day supplement. Although it sounds convenient, it’s never the best if you’re looking to burn fat quickly and effectively.

With one serving a day, you’re body gets a quick lift from the capsule and a spot of thermogensis, but it all wears off once the pill leaves your system in an hour or so.

The best option that you should be looking for are fat burners that have around 3 – 4 servings a day. This ensures that your body is being constantly supplied with the nutrients to burn fat round the clock and keep your energy levels stable to avoid any crashes.

That aside, the ingredients were a bit hit and miss. The main choice was bad, but luckily a few of the other ones were better. Still though, this is far from being the best product you’ll come across. Just take a look at these ingredients:

Unfortunately off to a bad start with the Citrus Aurantium/Synephrine…

Sadly there have been no studies that supporting synephrine when it comes to fat loss. The only thing that it may help towards is raising energy levels and metabolism.

The big problem here is that when it is combined with caffeinated herbs (or caffeine itself for that matter) the nutrient is known to cause a range of side effects. More details on that further on.

However, the caffeine anhydrous will help out a lot.

Caffeine is a great choice as it is a proven energy booster and can even help towards raising metabolism. Both functions that are useful when trying to cut fat when on low calorie diet. With this in the mix you can still have a solid workout when taking in less.

The Phenylethylamine was a good choice, but is there enough?

Also known as the key to the ‘happy hormones’ in your body by how it influences feel good chemicals like dopamine and serotinin.

However, effects of this amine are unreliable, and a lot is needed to have any concrete results when it comes to supplementation. This all due to how it reacts in the body after being absorbed – it is rapidly broken down into inactive components after consumption, which makes it incredibly difficult for you to get any real effects.

Especially with a dose so low.

The Guarana Seed and Green Tea was a good choice (especially the green tea!) but it’s too under-dosed.

Likewise with these two herbs. Green Tea and Guarana Seed are both caffeinated herbs, so they’ll definitely help towards raising energy levels and metabolism (however they will react poorly with the synephrine).

Green Tea is the best out of the two here as the catechins in this nutrient help promote norepinephrine in the body after being absorbed – this is the fat burning hormone in the body and gives your body the thermogenic boost it needs to cut more fat.

My only concern is that there is only 20mg of each of these – this is horrendously low, and may stop it from having any noticeable impact on the body. Don’t expect any miracles with this fat burner.

Same goes for the N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine unfortunately…

A good energy and cognitive booster. N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a fantastic amino acid when it comes to raising your focus and going that extra mile. However, studies have shown that it is only really effective in doses of 500 – 2500mg per serving. Not the 10mg that is supplied in each serving of F-22.

Full List:

See what we mean? There’s been too much emphasis on the poorer ingredients and not enough focus on the ones that actually help towards fat loss.

The nutrients that help towards thermogenesis (fat burning) have been sold short, but at least some effort has been made towards getting high energy levels and metabolism. The biggest problem with this product is they have included no appetite suppressants in this product (despite advertising it as that).

You’d have much better chances of cutting down on your fat levels looking elsewhere.

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Where to buy F-22

You’re best bet is for $27.99. However it’s pretty steep for the lack of effect it’s going to have on your goals.


Side Effects

The main problem here is the Synephrine – also known as Bitter Orange Extract.

When supplemented with caffeinated herbs (like Green Tea) or caffeine itself, the nutrient reacts badly in the body. Headaches, increased blood pressure and in extreme cases a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes.

If you already struggle with your blood pressure or are easily prone to headaches you shouldn’t even be considering this product by how it’s formulated.

If you’re looking for the fat burner that would be the best for you, I suggest checking out my top three that details, the safest and most effective fat burners I’ve encountered on the market:

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F-22 Fat Burner Review Conclusion

After taking a good hard look at this product and what it claims to do, I have to beg that you don’t waste your time on F-22.

Yes it contains quite a few of the ingredients that we know helps burn fat, but it just doesn’t use enough of them – 20mg of Green Tea Extract for fat loss, are you serious?

Even if there were good dosages here they would react even more strongly with the synephrine, which we’ve already said can cause some rather nasty side effects.

And to stop it all off the serving schedule. One capsule a day may sound convenient but it is not the answer to your problems. A 24 hour gap between servings too much for any noticeable changes to take place. It will only give you a few hours of benefits at a time.

This is not the fat burner for you, check my top three and get one that will really make a difference. Good luck.

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