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EPIQ Slash Review

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  • Will help boost energy levels
  • Some ineffective Ingredients
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Poor Serving Schedule

Review Overview – What does EPIQ Slash do?

epiq-slash-reviewSlash is the new fat burner from EPIQ and is apparently their ‘most extreme thermogenic formula’ they’ve ever launched.

But many of you aren’t convinced, and that’s who I’ve put this review together for.

EPIQ Slash is claimed to:

  • Increase Energy
  • Support Thermogenesis
  • Enhance Focus

If you’re wondering whether this product is right for you, I strongly suggest you read this review before making any decisions.

How Does EPIQ Slash work?

The serving schedule for EPIQ Slash is 2 servings a day of 2 capsules.

This is okay, but by no means the best we’ve seen. The top fat burners on the market contain around 3 – 4 servings per day. This ensures that thermogenesis stays at a constant, and that the body is burning fat around the clock.

Sadly, the ingredients in this product seemed to follow suit, with only a few of them really hitting the mark of what we’re looking for – and unfortunately they’re all part of proprietary blends which stops us knowing how much is actually being used – and how effective it will be.

Take a look:


Good start with 200mg of Caffeine

Caffeine’s great in any fat burner. A natural stimulant that promotes energy levels and metabolism, that keeps you from feeling fatigued when on a low calorie diet.

Turmeric supports health, but not really fat loss

Usually used heavily in curries. There’s not a lot in Turmeric that could benefit fat loss. The only health benefit we could find here is that it contains trace amounts of potassium.

And we’re still on the fence about Pu-Erh Tea

Unlike usual green tea, Pu-Erh is described by EPIQ as something that can help ‘support sensory experience’.

Unfortunately, Pu-Erh Tea hasn’t been that well explored in studies, and may help promote weight loss.

It’s disappointing to see Garcina Cambogia in the mix

Originally thought to be an effective appetite suppressant, Garcina Cambogia’s abilities were debunked shortly after it began getting media attention.

It does not suppress appetite and does not help fat loss in any way.

The Skullcap may have some effect but it may not be the best choice

Thought to help improve cognitive ability in 500mg doses. However there is no way there is this amount in EPIQ Slash as the blend it’s included in is 523mg and 200mg of that is caffeine.

And Yohimbe is always a risky choice

Yohimbine is a good choice if you’re looking to reduce your appetite – however – you should always know how much you’re taking as too much can lead to side effects (more about those in section below).

As this ingredient comes as part of a proprietary blend, it’s impossible to know how much is being used, and if it is over the safe limit (0.2mg per KG of body weight).

The Green Coffee Bean is a good move though

It’s always refreshing to see green coffee bean (or Robusta Coffee) in a fat burner. The chlorogenic acid in the nutrient cuts down the amount of glucose in the liver. Without as much glucose the body must look to another energy source, which is your stored fat.

And the bioperine is just black pepper – it just helps with absorbption.

So overall, we’re really just interested in the three of the ingredients in this product, and one of them has potential side effects.

Epiq Slash doesn’t have the best ingredients – if you’re curious about what you should be looking for, click the link below to see the highest rated fat burning ingredients on the market:

-Click Here for the Best Fat Burning Ingredients-

Where to buy EPIQ Slash:

EPIQ Slash is currently available on, although it’s rumored to be moving over to other online retailers soon.

epiq slash 2

Side Effects?

That all depends entirely on the amount of Yohimbine in this product. If it’s over 0.2mg per KG of your body weight you may experience side effects.

These include: Anxiety, Hypertension, Gastrointestinal distress, nausea, vomiting.

Use this product with caution. There is no way to know how much is in EPIQ Test and your current weight could make all the difference.

If you’re looking for a safer, more effective fat burner, I strongly suggest you check out my top 3 in the link below.

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EPIQ Slash Review Conlusion

Overall this is a very mediocre fat burner.

Only a few of the ingredients in EPIQ Slash contain the fat burning nutrients were looking for, namely caffeine and green coffee bean. Most of the other ingredients are ineffective and also fall within proprietary blend, which stops us from knowing how effective they actually are.

The servings are average – 2 a day may make some difference, but it’s not the best it could be to get you ripped.

Then there’s the fear of the Yohimbine being overdosed, which can potentially cause side effects.

If you want to get shredded safely and effectively, EPIQ Slash is not for you, however, I suggest you check out the top rated fat burners on this website to see which one works for you.

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