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Crazy Lean Review

A product by Reborn Labs

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  • Contains caffeine
  • Proprietary Blend
  • Many ingredients seem uneeded
  • Doesn’t boost libido (despite claims)

Review Overview – What does Crazy Lean do?

One of the lesser known fat burners on but by no means a ‘hidden gem’. With the abundance of capital letters and bold claims – this product is just another one of many trying to do nothing but profit from the supplement industry without thought for its customer’s goals. Mainly through trying to entice an impulse buy.

crazylean12But what does the product claim to do?

In a nutshell, Crazy Lean states it can:

  • Burn Fat
  • Raise Mood
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Libido

That last one’s a new one on us for a fat burner. They claim Yohimbe and the PEA (Phenethylamine) can help towards a stronger libido although – Yohimbine has only been seen to raise sex drive when combined with large amounts of L-Arginine and that’s really only for circulatory reasons.

In fact, Yohimbe can be dangerous when taking over 0.4mg/kg body weight – and unfortunately we don’t know how much that is because this product is in a proprietary blend.

The PEA on the other hand just releases “happy hormones” like serotonin and dopamine – although they may help you ‘feel good’ and motivated to work out, they won’t necessarily put you in ‘the mood’.

Well, off to a good start…

How does Crazy Lean work?

Crazy Lean is recommended to be taken at 1 capsule serving per day – and expressively says you should never take more than two.

Essentially 2 servings are what they deem “safe” but it’s at your own risk if it backfires.

We just don’t like these strong 1 serving supplements in general. They have a habit of wearing off before the end of the day. This not only stops any thermogenic reactions that were helping our body lose weight, but also can cause energy crashes.

That said we should look at the ingredient profile.

Unfortunately this product is all 1 big proprietary blend. All the ingredients are shared over a 450mg dosage and we have no idea of the amounts of any of them. This makes it very difficult to judge how effective this product can be.

Still, at least we what’s in it at least.

crazyleansuppfactsCaffeine’s always a good start.

A common component of energy drinks or coffee – caffeine promotes wakefulness in the body while at the same time promoting metabolism. This gives you more energy in the gym, and a boost when it comes to losing weight.

Glucuronolactone is a weird one, we don’t think it’s a good idea.

Found most commonly in energy drinks GL appears quite a lot in various caffeinated beverages. But there has been no evidence connecting it to producing energy and no one’s actually sure what it does. Many tests have been done on the compound but nothing has come back showing it to be effective for humans.

It can help synthesize Vitamin C in animals that are non-primapes – but that’s about has far as it goes.

PEA and Yohimbe we’ve covered…

With the caffeine, synephrine is a bad choice.

Although thought to help raise energy levels, synephrine can cause numerous side effects when crossed with a caffeinated substance, or caffeine itself (we’ll cover those later). On top of this synephrine has been shown to have no benefit when it comes to fat loss.

No idea what Nettle Root is doing here to be honest, and the Picamilon is a bit out of place.

Thought to help produce testosterone, when it actuality it frees testosterone from Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). But that’s more of a T-Booster thing, what the hell is this doing in a fat burner. Every study on it regarding weight loss has been a failure. It has no effect.

The Picamilon on the other hand is a cognitive enhancer that works more for anxiety than anything else. The only reason I could see it being here is to raise mood and to maybe lessen the effects of the caffeine? It doesn’t seem like there’s enough for it to work though as most effective dosages are around the 150 – 300 mg area.

Inositol Niacinate may give you a pump, but not a lot else.

This is probably to help strengthen the libido boosting argument. This is a cheap alternative to L-Arginine for increasing circulation. In doing so they make a very stretched argument that this may help libido by increasing blood flow to ‘other areas’. It’s thin – and libido shouldn’t really be a focus in a fat burner anyway.

And that’s it. A very confused and blended fat burner. If you want to see what ingredients you should be looking for, I recommend you click the link below to see our top rated fat burning ingredients.

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Where to buy

You can get 60 capsules of Crazy Lean off, it’s $22.95. But it’s that cheap for a reason.

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Side Effects

The Yohimbe and the Synephrine can both cause some pretty crazy side effects.

Yohimbe – When taking over 0.4mg/kg of body weight of Yohimbe, you risk headaches, anxiety, hypertension and gastrointestinal distress.

Synephrine – When mixed with caffeine or caffeinated substances you risk headaches, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure and more. Be careful.

Crazy Lean Review Conclusion

Overall this isn’t a great fat burner.

To start the single serving a day method has been shown time and time to be one of the worst ways to keep thermogenesis up.

And then when we get to the ingredients, the only one that seems promising is caffeine, and that doesn’t really set it apart from other more successful fat burners.

Add on the risks that come with throwing in Synephrine and Yohimbe, and we’re looking at serious trouble.

This unfortunately receives a 1 star rating.

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