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Controlled Labs Red Trim Review

A product by Controlled Labs

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  • Uses Green Tea
  • Not many fat burning ingredients
  • Serving schedule needs work
  • Ineffective ingredients

Review Overview – What does Red Trim do?

A new fat burner from the guys at Controlled Labs. Unlike most of the fat burners out there, Red Trim contains no stimulants – yet it still claims that it is just as effective.

contRedTrimBottle1This supplement claims it can:

  • Help Suppress Appetite
  • Raise Energy Levels
  • Raise Metabolism

I’ve seen quite a lot of stimulant-free fat burners in the past, but they’ve never fully convinced me.

I was hoping Red Trim was going to change that – here’s what I found:

How Does Red Trim Work?

In terms of the servings for Red Trim, there are 2 a day. Each of 3 capsules a day.

One before breakfast on an empty stomach, and another again just before lunch. With only two servings a day, the delivery of Red Trim could be a lot better.

The top fat burners use around 3 – 4 servings a day. This allows your body to receive a constant supply of the right nutrients to keep you burning fat around the clock.

With the larger gap between servings, the less amount of time your product will be actively losing weight for you.

As for the ingredients it was a bit of a disappointment. Just check this out:

Having 500mg Garcinia Cambogia as the main ingredient was a huge let down…

Mistakenly touted as an effective appetite suppressant, I was disappointed to see that Controlled Labs had used so much of this nutrient.

Thought to increase fullness after a meal, further study has shown that this fat burner does nothing more than promote the flavor of the food its used on.

The Aceytl-L-Carnitine was a good choice though

This is an effective energy booster and also help increase metabolism. It does not help burn fat, but for energy purposes it is a great choice.

Aceytl-L-Carnitine is only really effective after 500mg or more is supplemented, so it’s great that there is that amount in this fat burner.

We’re not fans of the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Thought to induce fat loss, and commonly used in caffeine free supplements – unfortunately CLA has not been proven to help burn fat.

It was thought to effect the PPAR receptors in your body to promote fat loss, however it is too weak a component to make any noticeable difference.

And definitely not Raspberry Ketones

Another nutrient originally thought to promote fat loss. Raspberry Ketones were originally marketed by Dr. Oz, however, they’ve never been proven to burn fat in humans.

Raspberry Ketones have only helped with fat loss in rats. This was due the amount served due to the rats size to their dosage – the same effects have never scaled up for humans.

There wasn’t much point in the Ginger Root

We’re still not sure why Ginger Root has been used in product.

Used to prevent nausea, we suspect ginger root might be used here to stop you having any issues due to the large dosages that this product includes.

But the Green Tea was an amazing choice

Easily the best fat burning ingredient in this product. Green Tea gives your body an energetic and metabolic boost to keep going on a low calorie diet. On top of that it also contains catechins…

Catechins are components in Green Tea that promote norepinephrine in your body. This is the fat burning hormone, it gives you a thermogenic boost and allows you to burn more calories than you would normally.

Full List:


Overall the ingredients in Red Trim were pretty disappointing. A lot of the nutrients that went into this supplement were either unproven, or had thought to be effective in the past.

This is an extremely dated fat burner, and it needs serious revision if it’s going to compete with the modern market.

If you want to see what you should be looking for, check out the top ingredients for fat burners in the link below:

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Where to buy Red Trim?

Red Trim can be bought off the website and numerous online retailers.


Side Effects

From what I’ve read, none have been reported.

If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve read so far on Red Trim, I suggest checking out the top rated fat burners at the moment. You’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect fat burner for you:

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Controlled Labs Red Trim Review Conclusion

Overall, what we have here is a good idea that has been poorly executed.

Although the ‘stimulant-free’ idea sounds great, you can’t substitute caffeine with ineffective substances like CLA, Rapsberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia.

The only nutrients that will really help your fat loss journey here is the Green Tea and the Acetyl-L-Carnitine – everything else is pretty much null and void.

If you’re looking to Red Trim for your shredded solution, I suggest looking elsewhere. You can find numerous more effective alternatives with the Highest Rated Fat Burners on the site. Go check them out.

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