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Body Fortress Shred-Abolic Igniter Review

A product by Body Fortress

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  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea
  • Powder Delivery
  • Poor Servings
  • Under-Dosed in some areas
  • Potential Side Effects

Review Overview – What does Body Fortress’ Shred-Abolic Igniter do?

shred-abolic-igniter-reviewBrought to us by Body Fortress, Shred-Abolic Igniter is a fat burner on the market that’s claimed to:

  • Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Burn Fat
  • Improve Energy

But how well does it actually do this?

We’ve been looking closely at the science behind this fat burner to see if it really delivers on it’s promises.

Here’s what we found:

How are the servings?


With only 1 serving a day, a scoop (or two) of this product isn’t going to give you the best results. To keep burning fat your body needs to have multiple servings a day to have that ’round the clock’ effect.

Ideally you want something that has 3 – 4 servings a day. This ensures that your body is constantly being supplied with the nutrients it needs and that you can consistently burn fat.

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What about the ingredients in Shred-Abolic Igniter?

Okay – but there’s room for improvement.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some good ingredients in this fat burner. However there are a few that have let it down. Some are ineffective, and others cause side effects. Take a look:shred-abolic-igniter-suppfacts

There’s not a lot of evidence for L-Leucine doing much of anything unfortunately…

Although there’s a lot of talk of this being one of the better branch chain amino acids out there on the market. However, once you research a little deeper, there’s very little evidence for this amino being effective at all.

For strength, muscle gains or fat loss. This amino acid does a whole lot of nothing.

The L-Carnitine however, is a different story…

One of the better amino acids for improving energy and metabolism levels, L-Carnitine works well when properly dosed. Ideally you want anywhere between 500 – 2500mg of this amino acid per serving, and with a solid 750mg, Shred-Abolic Igniter delivers here.

The Green Tea is a good choice too…

One of the better natural thermogenics out there. The catechins in the green tea are absorbed by your body and help promote norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone. On this, the caffeinated herb also provides with a mild energy boost.

The L-Tyrosine’s okay, but it’s not going to promote fat loss…

This is more to deal with the caffeine in this product. L-Tyrosine is an anti-stressor and promotes relaxation in your body which may help focus in the gym.

Caffeine is a good option though…

One of the best natural stimulants on the market. Everyone knows caffeine is great for energy, but it’s also good for metabolism and power output. There’s a fair amount here too. It should help with workouts when on a low calorie diet.

Naringin however, isn’t so great…

Essentially Grapefruit extract. Although considered to have minor fat burning effects, studies have shown you need around 1 and half grapefruits to really make that happen. It wasn’t a good choice for this blend.

Whereas the Citrus Aurantium/Synephrine is going to cause a whole mess of problems…

This fat burner has been shown in studies to have barely any effects, however, that’s not the main problem. The issue is that when linked with caffeine, synephrine has been seen to cause several side effects. More on that in the section below.

And the Hesperidin just helps with circulation…

Good for nutrient flow in the gym, not a lot else in terms of fat burning.shred-abolic-igniter-main-image

Ingredients Bottom Line:

Overall there are a combination of ineffective and good ingredients. The problem is that there’s an issue with side effects. Synephrine is a big problem in this blend, and combined with caffeine it can cause trouble.

Add on to that the ineffective ingredients and there’s a lot more that could be done to make this product better.

If you want to see what you should be looking for in a fat burner, check out the our best ingredients for fat burners page below:

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Side Effects

The main thing you have to be concerned about with this product is the synephrine.

When combined with caffeinated herbs, or caffeine, synephrine has been shown to exhibit several side effects in users. Many experience:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Risk of Higher Blood Pressure
  • Nausea

It’s a risk you take when using Shred-Abolic Igniter.

Body Fortress Shred-Abolic Igniter Review Conclusion

Although it has it’s good points, this isn’t by far the best fat burner out there, and there are several reasons why:

  • Poor Servings Schedule – With only 1 serving a day, this product doesn’t ensure round the clock fat burning
  • Ineffective ingredients – Not every nutrient used supports fat loss
  • Potential Side Effects – Synephrine has been linked to several side effects and problems in users

On the whole you’re better looking off elsewhere for a decent fat burner that gets you to that ideal state of shredded.

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