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Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Review

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Review Overview – What does Neuro Shred do?

Made by Beyond Raw, this is an all natural fat burner claimed to promote:

  • Metabolism
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Fat Loss

But how well does it really work?

In this review, we look closer at Neuro Shred to see how effective it really is.

This is what you need to know:

How are the servings?

Not that great, with only 1 serving a day – this isn’t your best option for fat loss.

Think about it. The effects only last for a few hours at a time before they leave your system. If you’re only having one serving, you’re only getting a few hours of fat loss.

What you need is to give your body a constant supply of what it needs. Ideally, a fat burner with 3 or 4 servings a day would be perfect – unfortunately however, that’s not in this blend.

What about the ingredients in Neuro Shred?

Also not great.

The main problem here is that there aren’t that many core nutrients in Neuro Shred.

In fact, there aren’t many ingredients at all. With only 6 main ingredients in this fat burner – it’s clear that Neuro Shred isn’t going to cover every angle of the process for maximum results.

There’s a lack in appetite suppressants, and only a handful of thermogenics.

Here’s what you need to know about the main stack:

Citrus Sinensis 

Also known as Hesperidin, and not that great of an option.

Linked to having brain protective functions – Hesperidin may help to improve the organ’s overall health, but will do little for fat loss.

This isn’t your best option for leaning out.


One of the best natural stimulants out there.

Used in almost every drink that gives you energy – caffeine is great for increasing endurance and training capacity.

Not only that, it has also been linked to increasing power output, and also metabolism – which may help with fat loss.

250mg is a bit generous for one serving – but it should be manageable.

Coffea Arabica 

Green Coffee Extract, and it’s actually a great thermogenic.

Packed with Cholorogenic Acid, Green Coffee Extract helps to cut down the glucose in your liver.

Depleting the glucose, encourages your body to source energy from other areas – namely your fat cells.

This provokes a thermogenic reaction that burns additional fat and calories with no extra effort.


Another good option.

Capsimax is a form of Cayenne Pepper – a chili that contains capsaicin.

Capsaicin is essentially what makes a chili pepper hot. When it is absorbed by your body, it increases your overall core temperature to higher than what it is usually.

This makes your body initiate a cool down process to get back to normal. By doing this your body burns up extra calories without any additional work on your part.

Brassica Juncea 

Also known as mustard greens.

This addition does not promote fat loss – it controls inflammation.

This may help reduce any short term bloating effects – but not much else.

It won’t make much of a difference here.

Black Pepper

Again, not a direct fat burner – but black Pepper does have its uses.

Linked to improving overall absorption, Black Pepper can help to shorten the time between the other nutrient activating in your system.

It’s a good supporting ingredient.

Ingredients Bottom Line:

On the whole, this isn’t the best nutrient profile on the market when it comes burning fat.

The main problem is that there are only 3 good ingredients in the mix – the caffeine, Green Coffee Bean and Capsimax.

Everything else has barely any real effect on fat loss.

The nutrient profile is too thin for the full effects – nutrients for appetite Suppression like Glucomannan need to added, and thermogenics like Green Tea.

There’s a lot of improvements that could be made to Neuro Shred.

Side Effects

From what we can see, all the ingredients in Neuro Shred look safe.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re effective.

This is a stripped back fat burner, and may be too far gone to give you the full fat burning benefits.

Is there anything better than this fat burner?


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Beyond Raw Neuro Shred Review Conclusion

As you can see, this isn’t your best option for effective fat loss.

From this review, here’s what you need to know about Neuro Shred; 

  • Poor Servings – With only 1 serving a day, this won’t help you achieve day-long fat loss. 
  • Ineffective ingredients – Not every ingredient helps to promote fat loss. 
  • Slim nutrient profile – Neuro Shred seems to be missing several core nutrients. 

As you can see, it’s not your best option.

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