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360STIM Review

A product by 360CUT

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Positives Negatives
  • Contains Green Tea
  • Promotes Energy and Thermogenesis
  • All one proprietary blend
  • May cause side effects
  • Some ingredients may be under-dosed
  • Poor serving schedule


Review Overview – What does 360STIM do?

360STIM is a new fat burner from the folks at 360CUT.

360stimThis fat burner claims to fast working, convenient and effective.

However, after studying it, we really didn’t see much that separated it from most other fat burners on the market.

In a nutshell 360STIM claims to:

  • Promote Energy and Concentration
  • Promote Fat Burning

They also mention that their product comes requires only one dose a day – we’ll get to the problems with this in a moment.

The main thing that we see as a bug bear is the fact that the entire product is contained within a proprietary blend – This means each ingredient’s dosage is not shown on the nutrient profile – and without knowing the dosage, how are we supposed to know how effective each one is going to be?

We’ll get to the bottom of this as best we can, but so far it doesn’t look good.

How does 360STIM work?

As we’ve said, 360STIM requires only one serving a day of 1 capsule, 30 minutes before a meal.

The problem with this is that the effects of this fat burner can wear off throughout the day. Not only does this stop the thermogenesis process, but it also can cause an energy crash.

To get the best results, you need around 3 – 4 servings a day. This keeps thermogensis consistent and keeps energy levels maintained throughout the day to avoid a severe crash.

So first the proprietary blend problems, and now the poor serving count? Maybe the ingredients can pull 360STIM out of this one.

P.S. Each capsule contains 585mg, so whatever the dosage of these ingredients, think of it split over that amount.

360stimsuppfactsFirst we have the Caffeine Anhydrous – which is a great start.

Caffeine Anhydrous is a solid stimulant. It promotes wakefulness to keep energy levels elevated and also boosts metabolism in the fight to lose weight.

Phenylethylamine was next, the ‘happy hormone’, but we’re not sure if it’s a good idea.

Yes, this amine was no doubt put into 360STIM to promote positive feelings, as it is known to increase dopamine and serotonin – however – supplementing this amine is unreliable as the body breaks it down into inactive components very quickly after being ingested. There’d have to be a lot in here to make a difference.

They also put us off with the inclusion of Synephrine.

Synephrine if you don’t know, is a stimulant take from Bitter Orange Extract. The problem with this ingredient is that it doesn’t react well to caffeine or caffeinated herbs – both of which are in this product. Combined they can make some nasty side effects in the body.

Syneprhine has also been proven to take no part in the fat burning process. Why is it still being used? Many fat burns have recently started ousting this nutrient from their ingredient profile.

And the Hordenine is a nice touch, but maybe unreliable.

Hordenine is found in a variety of food and MAY help promote noradrenaline – however, reports have not been all positive and as there is not enough evidence so far hordenine is so far not recommended for supplementation.

There’s also definitely not enough Bacopa in here for the effect they want to achieve.

Used for cognitive enhancement, mainly to improve memory and to relieve anxiety. This would help with the stimulants however, studies have shown only 300mg+ of Bacopa Leaf works as an effective dose. An amount I doubt you can pull out of 585mg without sacrificing every other ingredient.

But thank God for the Green Tea.

Green Tea is a fantastic natural fat burner. It’s a caffeinated herb that helps boost energy levels and metabolism – but that’s not all. The catechins in green tea react with the body to produce norepinephrine, an awesome fat burning hormone. It helps reduce weight and ups energy levels. I wonder how much is in 360STIM?

And now we have the Rhodiola Rosea – another ingredient without a high enough dose I’m afraid.

This Scandinavian herb was used typically in traiditional Chinese Medicine. It was a cognitive enhancer – however RR has only been seen to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. This may help our fat burning cause however, guaranteed results from this herb range between 288 – 680mg, according to studies. Anywhere close to that amount, considering other ingredients, seems unlikely.

Finally, the Schisandra Chinensis – something that may actually work.

Although a lot of the studies done on these berries are now inaccessible due to their age, limited studies do confirm this nutrient does help reduce stress and anxiety, which is useful when dealing with the stimulants in this product. However as the amount in 360STIM is questionable – we have no real way of knowing for sure.

A lot of these ingredients were off the mark. If you want the best, proven ingredients out there – you’re going to want to check out our article about the top ones being used. Link below:

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Where to buy 360STIM

360STIM can be bought from a number of vendors online such as, and many more.

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Side Effects

The main worry with 360STIM is the synephrine content. In combination with the caffeine and the green tea, the result could lead to:

  • Headaches
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increase Risk of Heart Attack
  • Increase Risk of Stroke

These nutrients do not go well together. Take with caution.

360STIM Review Conclusion

This fat burner just made mistake after mistake. The proprietary blend, the servings, the synephrine and then containing ingredients that needed high doses to be effective – which wasn’t going to happen in one capsule.

These one pill servings and proprietary blends really need to come to an end. Supplements have been going for too long for these kinds of errors to keep occurring.

The only ingredients really going for this product are green tea and caffeine. And a lot of products already have that.

Also there’s not attempt towards any kind of appetite suppression.

Overall, it’s a solid 2 stars from us.

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